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Pre Conception Treatment

If couples want to get best progeny, Garbh sanskar starts from before conception. It is called Beej Shuddhi it is done to overcome any defect in ovum and semen and to purify the body (womb)by panchkarma and medication.

Panchkarma is a cleaning procedure of body at cellular level where increased dosha of the body are removed and body are made for conceive. It just like farmer to harvest best quality of crop he has to take good Beej and prepare proper soil for seeding a Beej. Without this preparation hoe could a plant or herb will survive for long time and give best fruits. As this as important in farming same manner this is much or more important in conceiving . Not only cleaning of body or detoxification of body but it also include the mental and physical strength of body, to increase mentally and physically streagth Pranayam, Meditation, Special Aahar- Vihar ( changes in life style), behavior, mantrajaap and positive thinking play very vital role .

Preg Yog, Pranayam & Relaxation

Yog provides holistic health benefits for to be mother.During pregnancy body goes through many changes , which creates stress on mother mentally and physically yog helps to maintain a healthy mind and body . it increase strength and flexibility of muscles.Yog and pranayam train mother to breath deeply and relax consciously, helping the mother face the demand of labourand child birth. It helps to reduce comman pregnancy complains such as morning sickness, leg cramps, swellen ankles and constipation.

Special music for pregnancy

Significant influence on both the unbornbaby as well as on the pregnant women. From improving the unborn baby’s reflexes, responses, movement and mental stimulation. It also had a calming and positive effects on the pregnant women. Musical nodes help in better development of ears and brain of the baby . The vibration generated by the sound waves arising from chanting of Mantras promotes the development of fetus. The songs, music and poems that the child gets to hear in the mother’s womb, it remembers the same even after birth & has greater liking for them.

Library Facility (Reading During Pregnancy)

Pregnant women should read good books and religious literature. Epics like the Ramayan and Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta, biography of freedom fighters, scientist, leaders, inspirational and motivational stories help to develop excellent virtues in the child. This has a deep and long lasting impact on the child’s mind due to which it grows up. It does not get overwhelmed by any adversity and is able to courageously overcome any difficulties in life that it may face.

Monthly Diet Plan & Special Regimen

The pregnanant women need special diet during this special time.The daily routine of diet during these nine months has been designed very specially. First of all pregnant women should have maximum use of cow milk and its preparation. Garbh Sanskar suggest for each month special diet as per organ development , comman complains and specific body needs.

Creative, intellectual & Spiritual Activities (Garbh ki Pathsala)

The intellectual dimension of wellness encourages creative, stimulating mental activities to bring richness to your life and those around you.

For better development of sense organs and nervous system

  • 1 st Trimester- Creative activities
  • 2 nd Trimester- Intellectual activities
  • 3 rd Trimester- Spiritual activities

Postnatal Care

The mother who has just given birth to baby is termed as “Sutika” in Ayurveda and the care is termed as “Sutika paricharya”

Vata will be Immensely increased soon after delivery. The digestion power, hygiene and immunity will also be very low in the mother. Hence special care to balance vata and to strengthen the mother is very necessary. She should teke mush needed rest, care ,nutritional diet at least for 6 to12 weeks and let her body regain all the lost energy and bring the imbalanced doshas to normaly. During this period the expanded uterus shrinks back to normal position. Ligaments, muscles and tendons associated with uterus starts gaining back the lost power.

Accordingly ayurveda special diet ,Abhyang with special oil, medication(some special kadha) help to rebuild moher’s health naturally.


It is one of the sanskar out of sixteen sanskar described in Ayurved

The process in which SUVARNA ( GOLD) or HERBS WITH GOLD are taken in the form of liquid, semisolid past form by children through their mouth is called SUVARNAPRASHAN

Ingredients of SuvarnaPrashan:- Gold, Vacha, Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, AshwaGandha, Honey,Cow ghee etc.

Benefits of SuvarnaPrashan :--
1. Immune System towards diseases become very powerful (Rogpratikarak shakti)
2. Physical strenghth becomes powerful
3. Grasping power, Sharpness, Analysis power, Recall memory becomes very strong.
4. Improves digestion power.
5.Tones up skin colour (Fair skin)
6. Growth of mind and body becomes faster than usual
7.Anti toxic power increase, Hence fightning againt poison in any form becomes strong in the child
8. This gives strong protection from infection
9. It helps in preventing disease that come during teeth growing phase
10. It saves from disease that occur due to seasonal change.
11 It also saves us from different kinds of Allergies.

Overall, it makes a child healthier than most other children.

Infertility treatment by Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, preparing for conception can be easily compared to the process of farming. Just like the health of a crop depends on the quality of soil, seed, timing of sowing, and amount of watering it gets, the health of a baby depends on the health of its parents. For a pregnancy to be healthy and successful.

Yoga for Women

Yoga is an invaluable gift of an India's anciant tradition and is a holistic approach to health and well-being. - Narendra Modi Yoga offers physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health benifits for people of all ages. Regular practice of yoga boosts metabolism and breathing fully and deeply increases blood circulation. It improves strength and flexibility.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga and mindfulness have been shown to improve both physical and mental health to school age children. Learning physical postures builds confidence and strength as well. It improves Brain power, Helps to deal with the stress, if every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation , we'll eliminate violence from the world within one generation.

Smart learning system for kids

  • We all know the importance of early age education. But are we aware? why is it so? what should be done for appropriate early age education?
  • Scientists say more than 90% of the brain development takes the place within first three years of a child life. This is the best time for increasing grasping capacity.
  • Every child is born with unique qualities. Translating these unique qualities into an excellent being is the job of smart learning system.
  • Bal Chanakya has been designed “ to achieve physical, mental, spiritual emotional, social, intellectual abilities.”

This program have More than 200 activities:-

  • Creative activity
  • Intellectual activity
  • Educational activity
  • Mind concentrate activities
  • Music
  • Quality inculcation activity etc.

Spiritual activities:-

  • Mantra
  • Shlok
  • subhashit ect.

Diet according to Ayurveda:-

  • For mother
  • For child

We have designed Bal Chanakya for 0 to 3 years old child.

Bal Chanakya project is to guide parents for child's over all development It’s a completely online training program for parents Sessions will be conducted once a month