Garbh Sanskar

Garbh sanskar is an ancient science of nurturing baby before it is even born, while still in the womb.

Garbh means unborn child and Sanskar means to educate so Garbh Sanskar is a procedure that educate the couples to get healthy ,brilliant,beautiful ,cultured and heredity disease free genius baby.

As per ritual aspect Garbhsanskar means to perform Sanskar (ritual) on couples like Garbhadhan Sanskar, Pusavan Sanskar and Simntonayan Sanskar to get virtuous progeny.

Traditionally ,spiritually it is believed that baby starts learning right from the womb. Science has also proved that baby can learn from initial stages . we know the famous stories of Abhimanyu in Mahabharat , Balbhakt Prahalad, Shivaji etc. are good example of Garbh Saskar Baby listen to the mother feelings , emotions thus a positive thinking and attitude help in better development of baby The advantages of Garbh Sanskar are not only we educate our child but there is development of bond between the mother and the child . It is proved that maximum Physically and mentally development occure during nine months . Thus special efforts of Garbh Sanskar are taken for maximum maturity and for stimulation of baby ‘s sense

Steps of Garbh Sanskar

1 pre conceptional aspect (Beej shuddhi)

2 Ante natal (post conceptional ) aspect (Garbhini Paricharya)

3 Post natal aspect (Sootika Paricharya)

4 Traditional way of child development with Sanskar (Suvarnprashan)


Benificial of Garbh Sanskar

1 Newly Married couples

2 Couples planning for a baby

3 Expected mothers who want to design their dreams

4 Parent Having hereditary disease

5 Couples suffering from infertility

Preconceptional Aspect (Beej shuddhi)


"Pregnancy should be by choice not by chance"

If couples want to get best progeny, Garbh sanskar starts from before conception. It is called Beej Shuddhi it is done to overcome any defect in ovum and semen and to purify the body (womb)by panchkarma and medication.

Panchkarma is a cleaning procedure of body at cellular level where increased dosha of the body are removed and body are made for conceive. It just like farmer to harvest best quality of crop he has to take good Beej and prepare proper soil for seeding a Beej. Without this preparation hoe could a plant or herb will survive for long time and give best fruits. As this as important in farming same manner this is much or more important in conceiving . Not only cleaning of body or detoxification of body but it also include the mental and physical strength of body, to increase mentally and physically streagth Pranayam, Meditation, Special Aahar- Vihar ( changes in life style), behavior, mantrajaap and positive thinking play very vital role .

Antenatal care ( Garbhini paricharya)

In pregnancy Health is not in usual condition here lady is nurturing two lives. So only consuming diet is not sufficient here the issue is to make a special effort to nurture and give birth to a child with excellent qualities.


1 Masanumasik Aahar :-

The pregnanant women need special diet during this special time.First of all pregnant women should have maximum use of cow milk and its preparation. Garbh Sanskar suggest for each month special diet as per organ development , comman complains and specific body needs.


2 yog and Pranayam:-

Yog provides holistic health benefits for to be mother.During pregnancy body goes through many changes , which creates stress on mother mentally and physically yog helps to maintain a healthy mind and body . it increase strength and flexibility of muscles.Yog and pranayam train mother to breath deeply and relax consciously, helping the mother face the demand of labourand child birth. It helps to reduce comman pregnancy complains such as morning sickness, leg cramps, swellen ankles and constipation.


3 Meditation with Garbhsamvad:-

Garbhsamvad is an unique technique of Garbh Sanskar where mother is deeply connected and communicate with the unborn baby. In Garbhsamvad positive emotions are passed through mother and try to creates impression in the form of good teaching at the sub conscious mind of the baby. This enhances all the five intelligences like physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual.


4 Music :-

Significant influence on both the unbornbaby as well as on the pregnant women. From improving the unborn baby’s reflexes, responses, movement and mental stimulation. It also had a calming and positive effects on the pregnant women. Musical nodes help in better development of ears and brain of the baby . The vibration generated by the sound waves arising from chanting of Mantras promotes the development of fetus. The songs, music and poems that the child gets to hear in the mother’s womb, it remembers the same even after birth & has greater liking for them.


5 Reading During Pregnancy :-

Pregnant women should read good books and religious literature. Epics like the Ramayan and Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta, biography of freedom fighters, scientist, leaders, inspirational and motivational stories help to develop excellent virtues in the child. This has a deep and long lasting impact on the child’s mind due to which it grows up. It does not get overwhelmed by any adversity and is able to courageously overcome any difficulties in life that it may face.

Regular practice of Garbhsamvad is not only develop mind, body and soul of baby but also helps to become full of virtues.

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