Client's Testimonials

Hello. I am Aarti Bhagwat.

I am a dietitian by profession and also a health care manager.
I wanted to share my experience about Ved Garbha centre with everyone who are planning to have a baby or who are already expecting. It has been a very happy and satisfying journey for me to join Ved Garbha.

I joined when I was 3 months pregnant. Dr Daxa and her team provided me with all the guidance and support required during that phase. We used to do Prayers, stretching exercises, Yoga, pranayam and garbh samvad. Also everyday they used to make us do some fun activities like solving puzzles, some art or craft things and learning slokas. My favorite part was 'GARBH SAMVAD' AND 'ACTIVITIES'. Because exercises and yoga can be done everywhere, but it was garbh samvad that made me connect with my baby whom I had not even seen. The activities kept my mind busy and sharp, learn new things.. which in turn my baby would also inculcate. I did till my last week of pregnancy. Outcome has been great, both during and post pregnancy. I got rid of all the body pain, mood swings, lack of sleep as soon as I started garbh sanskar. Also I never suffered from any complications during pregnancy, like hypertension or diabetes, swelling in feet. Even post delivery, I never had to feed any formula milk or cerelac to my baby. He is exclusively breast fed till now. My weight is also decreasing gradually. My Son, who is now 9 months old, is a happy baby, keeps playing, doesn't fuss to eat anything.

He is extremely sharp and his weight is more than that of a 1 year old kid. In his 1st few weeks, my son would sleep in morning soaking some sun and listening to Gayatri mantra and Hanuman Chalisa (pictures attached) which we used to hear during pregnancy also. Even now, doing omkar and reciting mantra has become a part of our daily bedtime routine. Once I start saying mantra, he understands that it's time for Good night. I recommend everyone to experience this by Ved Garbha centre. And also to suggest anyone who wants a healthy pregnancy and healthy smiling and smart baby.

Hello freinds, I am Devika Arya,

I am a teacher at Udgam school for children.
I wanted to share my experience about Ved Garbha centre with everyone. It has been a very happy and satisfying journey for me to join Ved Garbha. I joined when I was 2 months pregnant. Dr Daxa provided me with all the guidance and support required during this beautiful journey. We used to do Prayers, stretching exercises, Yoga, pranayam and garbh samvad. My favorite part was 'GARBH SAMVAD' AND 'ACTIVITIES'. I was not able to attend the classes for regular basis so Dr. Daxa used to give me CDs of matra and garbh samvad that made me connect with my baby at any time during the day.

Dr Daxa suggested me various types of books which were useful for my babies during their developing stages in my womb. She solved all my doubts and problems. She is a true mentor during this beautiful journey of motherhood. I am really very thankful to ved garb for their support.

Garbh Sanskar is amazing process which you can feel during pregnancy and also you can see on you child. My son name is Reyansh. From day first he started eye contact to everyone and move his hands and legs. His development is so fast and active. He never cry without reasons. He loves to listen halardu. When he is one month old he turn a side while sleeping and also started smiling. He finds everything interesting in his surrounding. When he is 3.5 month old he started sitting with support. In short you can design your child in your way with Garbh Sanskar.

I will thanks Dr. Daxa for guide me during my pregnancy.

Ishita Oza

I have been consulting Dr. Dakshaben Patel for last five years and I must say she is very much knowledgeable and expert in her field. she correctly recognise my obesity reason and treated me with panchkarm, medicine and diet and made impossible thing possible. She helped me to recover from many day to day health issues. I am so satisfied with her consultation that now she has become a solution of all my health problems. I trust and follow her advise blindly. Thank you Dr. Dakshaben, for every thing.

Beena Amlani
age 44 years.
Thaltej, Ahmedabad

Through ved garbh sanskar i actually connected with my daughter when she was in the womb. At that time i just talked to her and conveyed my msg but she actually reacted in the same way which i conveyed her. Meditation during pregnancy is really gives more energy and power and the most important it makes you positive. Pregnancy with ayurved gives you tremendous benefits. Thank you ved gharbha for making my journey so special, so wonderful, so joyful and so peaceful.

Ritika Shah

Hello..I am Neha vaishnav
I joined when I was 4 month pregnant. I am working woman, so I couldn't attain garbh sanskar Kendra daily. But it's few days , affects me a lot.. I really enjoyed their every activity like yoga, prayers, some fun activities like puzzles, creative things..but garba samvad was my favorite.. I enjoyed talking with my baby, and feels that he or she replies.. it gives me more strange for facing labor pain.. I want the baby who is calm and activate also...and my daughter is the perfect combination of this.

I strongly recommend every one to join garbh sanskar Kendra who wishes smiling, healthy, calm and smart baby..

Richa Agrawal
Ved garb sanskar classes have been very helpful to me both mentally and physically. I had joined the classes in the beginning of my fifth month. The yoga taught in the classes helped me remain really active during my entire pregnancy and also helped me to overcome back and gastric issues. The prananyam and garb samvad inculcated positive attitude and thinking in me. Listening to music, reading educative books, doing activities given by Daxa maam really helped me build a bond and communicate with my child. More over the environment and staff is very friendly. Daxa maam herself is the right blend of a friend, guide, advisor and motivator. It has been a beautiful experience all over and I would advise every pregnant mother to go for it.

Vaishali Chintan Lawyer,Mumbai
Garbhsanskar process guided me a lot to shape up my child. I feel I use to tell him to Early to bed n early to rise ..he follows tat n has never harassed me at night He is also not cranky about any food given to him ..he has everything wat we eat.. He is also religious he is happy in presence of God.. If I m alone he cooperates with me which I feel very unique about him wen he finds many ppl around him he does natak na I really feel things I did there under ur guidance has really paid me well all thanks to u Daxaben.

Dr.Nupur Patel
Thank you..1 year has been passed successfully and more enjoyable ..Thanks a lot to ved garbh sanskar n team..your constant support helped a lot ..I must say that GarbhSanskar really shines a kid development.

I am Dr. Abhilasha Thakkar.
I wanted to share my experiece about ved garbh sanskar center..i joined this institute at 3rd month of my pregnancy. Dr. Daxa helped me very nice during ma diz beautiful journey. she and her team provided proper guidance in each and every thing related to my conditions during whole phase..all d activities were too good and garbh samvad was one of my favourite activity...i have got very good result in my baby girl..i have got quality of everything from look to sharpness of brain what i wanted in my baby ....i can see clear difference in my baby along all the same aged baby in every way..i also solved physical issues during my pregnancy by physical activities overhere...i have got extra ordinary result in my baby and i want to recommnd all lovely ladies passing this phase should join this institute Thank you so much Daxaben.

Karishma shah
It’s true. My infant and I thoroughly enjoyed today’s entire session. Garbhasanskar routine is the only thing that m gonna miss a lot post pregnancy  Today’s music activity was so calming. Thank you so much ma’am and the team for everything you do for us It means a lot You guys are putting a lot of efforts for the betterment of our children’s future and for our peace of mind as well

Kruti Shah
Hello everyone ! My pregnancy journey has ended and i have now entered the motherhood journey. It was wonderful time with every pregnant women, also the offline classes helped me in making new few friends. Daxa Aunty’s guidance and classes made me pass these 6 months with so ease. I am thankful to them as well as a friend who recommended me to meet Daxa aunty. I am going to miss the classes. I had high blood pressure throughout my pregnancy and a fear of early delivery was there within but Daxa aunty calmed me so well and Nikita gave a warrior spirit that despite of high bp after taking medicines, I delivered my baby at complete 38 weeks with a baby weight of 3 kgs. I want to write more but have to keep my phone away from me. Thank you for all the wonderful time and activities throughout the pregnancy.

Grishma ambani
I am so grateful for Team Vedgarbhasaskar and Special thanks to Daxa Aunty for her constant support n advise and Nikita for amazing calming meditation and activities. I will be in touch & keep you posted on my journey on motherhood. Hope to see you soon once better. Thanks a lot.

Namrata patel
Thank you @⁨Daxa aunty⁩ @⁨Nikita Sevak⁩ @⁨Radha Ji ❤⁩ for all your guidance. Will miss all my friends and unique sessions and activities

Shruti todi
Thank you so much everyone. Special thanks to dear Daksha aunty, Nikita ma'am and Radha ma'am. I will really miss the beautiful memories of my pregnancy which I spent with you all.

Dr. Noopur patel
Thank you all of you.. N special thanks to daxaben n nikita ben for perfect guidance.. For giving "himmat "to reach at the end of journey Thanks again for the hard work behind me...

Foram gohil
Thank you very much to all of you I don't know where the time of this pregnancy went with all of you. Specially Thank you Daksha Aunty gave a lot of motivation and Nikita and Radhika Didi were very supportive I will miss you all and we will always keep in touch. Thank you so much

Kaushal patel
Thank you soooo much friends for always being there for moral support….️ Thanks Daxa aunty for your guidance at every step Thanks Nikita ben for all your guidance for yoga Thanks Radha ji Again Thanks everyone for making my journey memorable